Scar Therapy
(McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release)

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) is a pain-free natural, gentle and non-invasive treatment method that helps improve your scar regardless of its age and size. MSTR can help repair damaged tissue and improve the way the scar looks and feels. It can also help heal any emotional trauma.

MSTR is suitable for many types of scars. These include trauma wounds, facial scars, muscle tears and post-surgical scars such as:

  • Mastectomy - Lumpectomy
  • Appendix - Gall bladder
  • Hysterectomy - C-section
  • Joint replacement scar following knee or hip surgery
  • Chest incision scars following heart surgery

Burn scars can also benefit from MSTR treatment.


There are many ways in which a scar can present itself. For example, it could be raised, lumpy, hard, red, sore to touch, numb, create a tingling sensation or painful.

The MSTR method uses gentle finger-tip pressure on the scar area. It is designed to support the body’s natural healing process through freeing tissue restrictions created by the trauma.

It stimulates the natural repair of nerve tissue, normalises sensation as well as improving the scar’s appearance. It can also assist in the flow of energy around the scar tissue.



Many physical conditions which may seem unrelated can be traced back to or caused by the presence of a scar in different parts of the body. For example, lower back pain that does not respond to other treatments can often be traced to an appendix scar.

This is because a scar causes:

  • Restrictions within the muscles
  • Reduction in blood flow
  • Weakened muscular strength
  • Reduction in the flow of energy
  • Restriction in joint movement

Often just one or two sessions can produce dramatic benefits with visible and permanent changes to the feel and look of the scar.

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